Lexicon Gallery represents contemporary artists with a collaborative spirit, with a focus on established visual artists (painters, sculptors, textile, and mixed-media artists) and several world-renowned fashion designers.  We serve the art-curious, the art addict, and the art aficionado.  Nurturing artistic success is our mission; igniting a passion for collecting art is our calling.  


‘Lexicon’ is the vocabulary of a language, from the Greek origin lexikon, ‘to speak.’  We ask the question, “Which work of art speaks to you?”  And delve into your “Why?” to discover deeper levels of meaning for artworks in your life.


Lexicon presents vibrant, curatorial programming featuring local/ regional, national, and international contemporary artists.  Our knowledgeable team is here to enrich, entertain, and inform as your art-viewing experience expands, as well as to provide opportunities for deeper connections to our creative community.


Art AgencyArt AdvisoryMobile Gallery



Art Agency: Connecting artists with opportunities for private sales, exhibitions, special events, media coverage, and commission projects through my network of collectors, art lovers, architects, designers, media contacts, community partners, and sister galleries.



Art Advisory: Sourcing high-caliber original artworks for clients to fit each individual need, desire, aesthetic, and budget.  Clients benefit greatly from my extensive art industry experience and deep, lasting relationships with artists across the globe.  I help you build a meaningful collection that reflects your personal ethos; you benefit from the magnetism of living with art in your daily life.



Mobile Gallery: Partnering with like-minded exhibition venues and sister galleries, we present meaningful exhibitions and art-centric events for you to experience and enjoy.  We also provide white glove concierge service to deliver and hang artworks that pique your interest directly to your home.  If you love it, you keep it— simple as that.


Lexicon is a warm, friendly, celebratory agency— open and inclusive to all.  We are here to welcome you to our exhibitions and events with kindness, conversation, and smiles for miles, as we believe wholeheartedly in the connective spark between two souls drawn together through art.  We look forward to meeting you soon...


Live artfully!

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